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Spring 2018: Odin’s Blog

If you have not met me, my name is Odin and I am the Russian Tortoise residing at the Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center.  My address is… uh… near the men’s bathroom at the S.O.A.C..
Today, I am coming ‘out of my shell’ to share with you all the wonderful things happening at the S.O.A.C.… I just can’t contain my excitement anymore! I love seeing all your smiling, happy faces and I want to make sure my terrarium walls continue to be plastered with curious friends who visit me.

Fun fact about me: Russia is not my only hometown! You would think so, by my name title, but my family can also be found in Iran, China and Pakistan. Also, I am an herbivore – I really like to eat collard greens, kale and carrots.   But back to what’s up at the S.O.A.C….

May 15th will be the last day for the public to check out our traveling exhibit, Turtle Travels. As much as I’ve enjoyed seeing all of you learn more about me and my relatives I’m super excited for the next exhibit, The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head!  And even though I’m a dessert-dwelling kind of fella’, the pool at Splash Town will be opening up May 26th!  You can even book at birthday party in one, or both, of our party rooms and make it a Swim Party!  Call our staff for more details: 615-459-9710.

The S.O.A.C. staff is also gearing up for many awesome Summer Camps; everything from safaris, to bugs and butterflies, wilderness survival, and dinosaurs!  If you are interested, there is limited space, so sign up today.  Also, I dream about how amazing it would be to go on a FREE, guided Kayak Trip for kids 12 and older!  Kayaks, PFD’s, and paddles will be provided. I asked the staff to make me a very tiny life jacket because I don’t do so well in the water like my turtle cousins – maybe I’ll see you on the water sometime!
Thanks for checking out my blog, but, I have to go now… there is a piece of kale calling my name.